Advantedge has been very helpful in suggesting marketing strategies for The Clover School and fine tuning our marketing collateral to make it more effective.
Shirin Husain – Principal
Shirin Husain – Principal The Clover School
Zahid Jehangir has worked for Access Retail (Pvt.) Limited as consultant during the year 2011-12. He was engaged on various assignments including Corporate affairs, Product development and Business Development. Zahid has demonstrated superb commitment and passion while working on the aforementioned initiatives. We thank him for his invaluable contribution and support.
Haroon Ahmad - C.E.O Access Retail (Pvt.) Ltd.
Navaid Khan is one of Pakistan's finest business educators. An uplifting and insightful teacher, encouraging mentor to young and old, a bold entrepreneur of business activity through every possible economic cycle. I have worked with Navaid as a customer service conference organizer in both Karachi and Lahore. He and his team consistently impress and amaze me for the quality of their preparations, communications, sponsorship, event planning and participant registration experience. Truly world class man with a truly world class team.