Advantedge has been very helpful in suggesting marketing strategies for The Clover School and fine tuning our marketing collateral to make it more effective.
Shirin Husain – Principal
Shirin Husain – Principal The Clover School
Advantedge has helped me find a job and company suited to my knowledge and expertise
Basma Ahmed
The first thing I noticed while being coached by Sukaina was her warmth and the fact that she truly cared. I feel like together we are on a mission to get those answers! She provides this loving support and her positive energy is really motivating. I believe she is one of those people we remember as the ones that pushed us forward. Thank you!
Ida Blazek -Teacher Croatia
In 2005 I attended a Brand Research workshop conducted by Zahid Jehangir. To me, the most interesting part over 2 days was understanding of the research's utilization in Strategy development and keeping an open mind towards findings Hats off to Zahid on taking us through such a complex journey and teaching me a new way to look at research versus just using it to build rational arguments and showcasing brand initiatives through research results.
M Saqib Haroon - Ex Brand Manager Germ protection Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan
Zahid Jehangir has worked for Access Retail (Pvt.) Limited as consultant during the year 2011-12. He was engaged on various assignments including Corporate affairs, Product development and Business Development. Zahid has demonstrated superb commitment and passion while working on the aforementioned initiatives. We thank him for his invaluable contribution and support.
Haroon Ahmad - C.E.O Access Retail (Pvt.) Ltd.
I have a special coach name for Sukaina: "Mummy Coach!" Sukaina has coached me numerous times over the past year, and each time I am grateful for her appreciation, care and absolute loving presence that allows her clients to feel safe to share and be who they are. As a coach, she is encouraging, and yet firm when she needs to be. It is a joy to work with Sukaina and I hope you get the chance to, too.
Yen Lin Teng – Student & Artist
Thank you Sukaina for being a neutral & lovely coach and allowing me to have the space for an honest look at my situation. Our sessions allowed me to look deeper within myself to find the true answer that honors me as a person and empowered me to take forwarding steps for myself .I was surprised to find new energy and different perspectives that motivated me to act from within. Your constant unwavering support allowed me to become more confident to just follow my heart.
Dorothy Gan - Customer Service Executive SME Singapore
Being coached by Sukaina, I can confidently say that she is effective coach & has the ability to help a person verbalize and understand what they want. Specifically, her coaching allowed me to define clearer objectives to work towards and to create a deeper understanding of who I am, what I value and what I need. This led to me to accomplish things which I had never done such as starting my own business while having time to manage my relationships. Thanks Sukaina!
Timothy Han - Entrepreneur Singapore
Navaid Khan is one of Pakistan's finest business educators. An uplifting and insightful teacher, encouraging mentor to young and old, a bold entrepreneur of business activity through every possible economic cycle. I have worked with Navaid as a customer service conference organizer in both Karachi and Lahore. He and his team consistently impress and amaze me for the quality of their preparations, communications, sponsorship, event planning and participant registration experience. Truly world class man with a truly world class team.
Great session, you will see the difference once we implement it in our daily work life. Such an energetic session feel refreshed after 8 years of sales.
Sir Rahid is very energetic has great knowledge about selling skills and he knows very well how to train.
I have never met such an excellent person. He is full of energy, knowledgeable and determined with his job. He is very cooperative. I wish to have another session with him.
Rahid Sami is a very good facilitator with very mature understanding of life. His approach towards life matters opens great opportunity of learning for others.
M. Bilal Shaikh K.Electric.
Brilliant trainer. If everyone could meet Rahid once and listen to what he has to say, the world would be a better place.
S.Abbas Rizvi Manager, K.Electric.