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Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer by Advantedge

A motivated and competent trainer can mean the difference between success or failure for your organization. Knowledge and expertise in a subject are not enough to ensure training is effective. So what sets us apart?

  • Having been in the training industry for over 15 years, we know what makes a great trainer. It’s not just about being an expert on your subject; it’s about engaging an audience.
  • Our T³ Program will give you an understanding of how people learn so that the people you train will not only enjoy your course but go away with the knowledge they need.
  • All of our trainers have years of experience and are selected because of their consistently high standards and feedback. Our aim is to give you the skills and confidence you need to deliver highly effective training.


Whether you need to train inexperienced trainers or infuse a little energy into seasoned professionals, Advantedge Train the Trainer Program is the best option. Our T³ program will teach participants how to determine the needs of an audience, improve classroom charisma, handle hecklers, use activities effectively, and much more.

Our ‘thinking-outside-the-box’ training meets the accelerated demands of today’s learners where information must be effectively prioritized and quickly assimilated and integrated to improve performance. The program content is packaged in an easy-to-use, practical format that yields instant results when implemented in literally any training situation.

Expect a new paradigm and a truly transformational workshop that will equip you with tools and skills to conduct your own ground-breaking, result-driven training programs.

Training Objectives

The objectives of this session are as follows:

  • Identify the characteristics of an exceptional trainer
  • Understand and identify different behavioral styles and adapt training as necessary
  • Explain what a solid training program looks like
  • Explain various methods for making lecture-based programs active
  • Develop strategies for handling hecklers, bullies, and other disruptive participants
  • Point out the highlights and pitfalls of various visual aid options and classroom seating arrangements
  • Present information in a clear, concise, engaging manner

Learning Outcomes

Candidates learn how to:

  • Build comfortable rapport with participants and get buy-in from the beginning
  • Deliver content logically and simply in a brain-friendly fashion
  • Orchestrate the optimum environment for your training
  • Engage the audience in multi-faceted, ingenious ways to facilitate learning
  • Use and combine compelling audio-visual aids to utilize more senses
  • Choose creative and stimulating delivery formats for ‘dry’, technical material
  • Facilitate partner and group activities applicable to learning goals
  • Transfer information from short-term to long-term memory
  • Plan and design a seamless, multi-sensory training that will have lasting impact
  • Apply Accelerated learning strategies for result-boosting, super-charged training

Target Audience

Professionals who want to be trainers


3 days