Management Consultancy
  • Why do I need to hire a management consultant for my organization?

    There are various catalysts that dramatically change the commercial and industrial landscape, and if a company is not ready for the shift, it may be left behind. Emerging technological innovations, tightening environmental regulations, and decreasing market share are a few accelerators that drive companies to keep changing. To help them deal with these changes, consultants provide expert advice on all matters related to the governance of the organization, from acquiring new tools to overseeing manpower development.

  • What is lean transformation?

    It is a long-term strategy with a focus on building continuous future success and competitiveness through alignment with an organization’s real priorities and goals. This typically requires a 12-month engagement with a focus on identifying revenue and generating returns (ROI), while building the skills of client company’s  personnel.

  • How is Advantedge different from other consultants?

    With a panel of management consultants possessing collective experience of over 50 years, Advantedge brings best practices to the table and helps implementation in the context of client-specific situations. This enables in quickly gauging what’s applicable to a particular client, with plans that are derived from having seen multiple client solutions.

  • Do small businesses also need consultancy services?

    It is a common assumption regarding consulting services that it is only for large and established companies. But in reality, business management consulting can improve the performance and efficiency of organizations of all sizes. The experts empower firms to achieve their maximum potential through well-informed advice and high-quality information on a variety of topics.