Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy Solutions

  1. Marketing and communication planning: We work with companies seeking innovative ways to market new or existing products and services. We help design external and internal communication strategies and tools to achieve marketing objectives.
  2. Human resource planning: Our consultants facilitate strategy creation for restructuring, recruitment, compensation and benefit practices, work-force diversification and employee development.
  3. Service quality management: We assist organizations improve the quality of their services by first identifying gaps and then developing comprehensive service quality management strategies and systems.
  4. Sales management and business development: The Advantedge Relationship Management Process equips the sales force to connect with customers, helping to maximize the benefits a company and its customers receive from the efforts of the sales force.
  5. Change management: In today’s fast-paced world, environmental factors such as advancing technology, changing economic conditions and other internal and external factors force organizations to change drastically. Change can bring with it uncertainty and fear of the unknown. Advantedge offers change management strategies and solutions designed to reduce resistance and help individuals understand and be a part of the change. Let us facilitate you to gain advantage over your competitors and forge ahead successfully.


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