• What sort of businesses does Advantedge cater to?

    Advantedge consultants are equipped to work with all sizes and styles of businesses across a wide cross-section of industries. From a business that is starting up to mature companies, we have provided HR services to clients in finance, technology, media, manufacturing and service sectors.

  • Why does my business need HR policies or to review existing ones?

    Clear-cut human resource policies go a long way in clarifying what an organization expects from its employees and what an employee can expect from the organization. Well-defined policies and processes lead to structured jobs and what they entail, what the measurement matrices are and how employees will be rewarded for delivering performance. They identify the rules of the organization which will help achieve business goals. In today’s competitive world, such polices may be the key to sustainability and growth.

  • What are the HR policies that my business should have?

    HR policies, amongst others, include those on corporate culture, code of ethics, recruitment and induction, performance management, compensation and benefits, reward and recognition, succession management, training and development, permissible employee expenses, disciplinary action, separation from organization and grievance. Such polices bring system and transparency to a business and help select and retain good and consistent employees that help business grow. At Advantedge, we can help you design or revise relevant and competitive HR policies.

  • What is meant by organization structure evolution?

    Organizational structure is how an organization arranges people and jobs for maximum efficiency, performance and goal attainment. When a work group is small and face-to-face communication is frequent, formal structure may be unnecessary, but as an organization grows and in a larger organization, decisions have to be made about the delegation of various tasks and procedures have to be put in place that assign responsibilities for various functions.

  • What benefit will a well-defined organization structure give to my business?

    In an organization of any size or complexity, employees’ responsibilities typically are defined by what they do, who they report to, and for managers, who reports to them. These definitions are assigned to positions in the organization rather than to specific individuals. The best organizational structure for any organization depends on many factors including the work it does, its size in terms of employees, revenue, the geographic dispersion of its facilities and the range of its businesses or the degree to which it is diversified across markets. There are multiple structural variations that organizations can take and we at Advantedge can help you optimize yours.

  • What value will Advantedge add to organizing my business and how?

    At Advantedge, we help you optimize your organizational structure and span of control, formulate job descriptions and specifications, and create organizational synergies to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

  • What benefit can an employee survey give my business?

    Organizations may use employee surveys for a number of reasons. Such surveys measure training needs, job satisfaction, internal communication, empowerment, and much more. A satisfied employee is a productive employee, and employers use staff satisfaction surveys to measure and understand their employees’ attitudes, opinions, motivation, and satisfaction levels.

  • What is an employee focus group and how can it help my business?

    Focus groups are typically used to gauge the feedback of employees on specific policies and programs that may be planned by the employer. For instance, if your business is planning to change office timing or making Saturday a full working day, you should get feedback from employees who will be impacted by the change to fine tune it and make it acceptable. At Advantedge, we are equipped to professionally conduct employee focus groups and interpret the outcomes in an impartial and transparent manner.

  • Does Advantedge conduct employee surveys?

    Advantedge is fully equipped to conduct surveys and interpret results. Where we feel the need, we use our strategic research partners for maximum effectiveness and results.

  • Why does my business need to use a recruitment company?

    Employee selection is a difficult and time-consuming exercise for businesses and companies. Time spent finding the right candidate can be put to profitable use in generating additional business. A poor hiring choice, resulting from limited time or expertise, can lead to decreased productivity, low morale in the workplace, absenteeism. In addition the most desirable candidates are the ones who are already employed elsewhere and placing ads, networking and asking staff within for referrals may only give the best amongst the unemployed and not the best candidate for your requirement.  At Advantedge, we offer both staff recruitment and executive search services to provide you with the best options to choose from.

  • What sort and level of employees can Advantedge help my business find?

    At Advantedge, we offer both staff recruitment and executive search services to provide you with the best options to choose from. Whether your staffing requirement is for highly experienced and senior management executives or for entry level young talent, we can help you find the right fit to your job requirements.

  • What is a docking program?

    Batch hiring of sales teams, bank tellers or collection officers consume executive time and cost. Advantedge offers a unique docking program which is a highly specialized recruitment and training program to facilitate marketing companies and banks. Advantedge draws its talent pool from fresh university graduates or those already working and desirous of a change. The docking program is a complete process which has been divided into two phases – recruitment and training. Candidates with the right skill-set are inducted and then given appropriate training to shorten the time to productivity once on the job with client organization. Organizations that require trained human resource that can start performing from day-one can benefit greatly from the docking program.

  • What sort of assessments can Advantedge offer in selecting the right type of candidate for my business?

    Ensuring induction of employees who will be consistent performers is a challenge. Advantedge consultants are experienced HR practitioners and well-versed in interviewing techniques. In addition, we offer facilities such as personality and cognitive assessment tests which will help an employer decide whether or not a candidate has the intellectual and attitudinal capacity for the job. For example, an extremely introverted person may not be suitable for a sales job while such a person may well excel in a research or analysis position. These tests will indicate a candidate’s likely success in specific jobs.

  • How can Advantedge help me if I am an individual job seeker?

    If you are a young job seeker, new to the job market or find yourself having made wrong career choices that neither excite you nor urge you to perform your best, Advantedge consultants can help you through career counseling, to develop a comprehensive CV and also help you prepare for job interviews.