Coaching & Mentoring


The International Coach Federation defines coaching as “Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”.

Coaching, put simply, is a conversation between two or more people, where the coach through creative questioning forwards the client to maximize their potential and achieve set goals.

Coaching stands apart and is effective, because coaches let the client take ownership of the solution, create their goals and celebrate the action. Our role is to provide a different perspective to the situation. Through a variety of models, techniques and resources at Advantedge, we empower our clients to identify and implement their own solution. This invariably leads to long term success.

The Advantedge one-on-one coaching relationship is used to:

  • Unlock an individual’s potential and maximize his or her performance.
  • Challenge and aid individuals in taking effective action.
  • Lead individuals to an understanding of the essence of themselves (their character) to achieve personal and professional satisfaction.


  • Is a partner – a trained professional who specializes in developing and empowering you to excel.
  • Creates a safe environment in which both parties can share insights and information, identify the causes of limitations and find an effective way to move forward
  • Is an unbiased non-judgmental partner
  • Uses a variety of methods to help the client attain greater clarity, learn new, or upgrade existing, skill sets, and achieve greater job satisfaction and performance and an improved quality of life.
  • Helps the Client to think deeper, and see things from different perspectives.
  • Will champion and make a stand for the Client’s greater self.
  • Encourages thought, action, and behavior changes
  • Identifies gaps between where the person being coached is and where that person needs or wants to be.
  • Supports the Client to develop a strong action plan to close those gaps and hold the individual rigorously accountable to that plan.
  • Works with the Client to overcome barriers that can slow progress
  • Maintains the client’s focus and vision, to help him or her remember what has been defined as most important.


  • In today’s corporate environment with pressure increasing on executives, it is becoming increasingly common to find managers having to manage upwards and having little time to support the people in their teams. A professional coach can therefore play a key role in the development of that team, bridging the gap between expectation and performance in exactly the same way that the coach of a sports team does.
  • In a rapidly changing and evolving external business environment coaching helps businesses manage change and not be left behind.
  • An increasing competitive work environment, leading to job insecurity and pressures to perform at higher levels, coaching can assist cope with the pressure.
  • Individuals are more geared towards being in charge of their own lives and taking ownership to make that change.

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